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Our team has the diverse skill set and experience necessary to maximize the effeciency and productivity of any facility.

Who We are

Tutulu LLC is a military planning group, focusing on installation planning and development for United States Forces, both within the United States and abroad. Tutulu has brought together an experienced team of planners, engineers and scientists focused on the helping military installations identify current and future facility needs, materials and personnel movement and long term sustainability requirements. Tutulu aids these installations in identifying short and long term development opportunities, to meet ever changing mission requirements and the needs of the installation personnel.


541620 Environmental Consulting Services
561210 Facilities Support Services





What We Do

With a team of experts in all aspects of installation planning and development we are committed to excellence in the following capabilities:    

Tabulation of Existing and Required Facilities

Facility Requirements Analysis

Facility Utilization Surveys/Capacity Utilization Studies

Area Development Plans/Area Development Execution Plans (Capital Investment Strategy)

Nodal Plans / District Plans

Real Property Master Plans

Installation Planning Standards

DD from 1391

Planning Charrettes

Geographic Information Systems

Environmental Planning (EA/EIS)

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